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Monthly contest - January

And the winner is ....

First of all... I have to say that all entered photos were incredible and unique. You all did a great job! You can be proud of yourself.

In January contest you had to edit one or more of my photos of Jada. Each photo was different, some was difficult to edit some probably not. And I was really surprised that most of you picked the most difficult ones :).

I really had a hard time to pick just one winner. So of course I had to make a shortlist. On this shortlist you can find all images which mastered the technical skills, colours, emotions and also are original.

But there has to be just one winner......so...... drum rolls...

and THE WINNER of ONE TO ONE online consultation with me is @kristynafikarova.photography I love those natural tones and the crop, It is simple and I think you made it quite interesting :).

And special mention for @morganecaradecphotographie for her extraordinary unique editing. That blue tones are killing me. You are insane girl! Love ya <3.


If you want to participate in another monthly contest check out the terms for the February contest

See ya all next month!

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